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I KNOW This Is Going To Sound Weird, But This Very Well Could Be The Best Advice You Will Ever Receive For PROFITING FROM Your Business...

"Don't Be A Goober" 

Read On To Discover How A Character From A B&W Television Show From The 1960's Made A Crushing Mistake That Almost Bankrupt His Business And How You Are Likely Doing The Same Thing Without Even Realizing It!

(Hint: I'll Give You A Simple Fix That Is Certain To Turn Things Around For You.)

Dear Internet Business Owner,

In an episode of The Andy Griffth Show, mechanic and gas station attendant Goober Pyle purchased "Wally's Filling Station" to become the boss, the business owner, the executive.

As people gathered for the big Grand Opening, Goober proudly pointed out the new sign with his name on it, told about great changes he was making, shared his new jingle, and explained why he had hired someone to do the manual labor because now he was the "executive."

The local sheriff asked to be the first customer under the new proprietor, but when the attendant attempted to pump gas into the squad car, nothing happened.

The sheriff asked, "What's the matter?"

Goober replied, "I've been so busy with my executive work I forgot to order gas."

Oops. While Goober was busy doing a lot of things, he forgot the most important thing. Without that all-important thing...

Everyone was gathered, but nobody was buying!

You can just about feel his pain, can’t you? Now here’s why I’m sharing this story with you…

Lots of marketers know what this feels like. That’s because lots of marketers spend days, weeks, and months pouring their heart and soul into a product. They dream about all the money they’re going to make with the product. They plan a big launch, a grand opening of sorts.

And then… nothing. Can you imagine? I’m talking…

No sales. No interest. Not even a nibble from a prospect. Just tumbleweeds blowing through your PayPal account…

Ouch, right? And if you think this couldn’t possibly happen to you, think again. Every day all over the internet it happens to dozens of marketers.

What's the matter?
They forgot to order the gas!

You can have an amazing product, but if you forget the all-important thing that convinces people to order, you're going to waste your traffic. You're going to find out that "everyone gathers, but no one buys."

You see, in many cases (perhaps most cases) a lack of traffic conversion (getting your visitors to buy) comes down to one problem…


Here’s the thing… 

Writing a good sales letter isn’t about stringing a few grammatically correct sentences together.  If it was that easy, your high school English teacher would be a million-dollar copywriter.

Nope, good copy is about way more than good English. Good copy is about knowing your prospect. It’s about persuading. It’s about storyselling. Writing a convincing salesletter is more than just hanging your sign up, it's about ordering the gas that fuels a decision to buy what you're offering on the page.

None of this has anything to do with grammar, and absolutely everything to do with the art and science of really connecting with your prospect.

I understand this all too well. I’ve been crafting sales letters for a long time. These letters have created tens of thousands of sales for me over the years, which has provided a very comfortable lifestyle for me and my family.

I don’t say any of this to brag. Rather, the point is that I know how important it is to create a good sales letter. You can create the best product in the world, but if your sales letter doesn’t do its job, then you’re gonna feel like Goober Pyle when the pump was activated, but nothing came out.

Don't Be A Goober!

The good news is you’re going to find out how to avoid that sort of disappointment right now.

Guide to creating red hot sales letters

Simple Copy System 

Your Surefire Guide to Creating Irresistible, Red-Hot, Sizzling Sales Letters in 10 days or less!

Let’s cut to the chase…

Learning how to write good sales copy is one of the most valuable and profitable skills you can pick up in your business career. Because once you know how to craft irresistible, sizzling sales letters, then you’ll have the power to sell anything to anyone!

That’s why I’ve put together this 50+ page hands-on course, where you’ll get a step-by-step guide for crafting high-response sales letters. This includes:

  • Ten daily modules where you learn exactly how to write sizzling copy!
  • Ten daily assignments to go with each module. If you follow along, you only need to invest a few minutes a day to write a new piece of your copy – and in just 10 days you’ll be ready to roll with a high-response sales letter!
  • Dozens of examples and tips throughout the entire course to make it easier than ever for you to create your own letter!

Sounds good, right?

Let’s Take A Look At Everything You Get Inside This Exciting Package When You Order Today…

Here's a day by day breakdown of each of the ten modules...

Day 1: Pre, Primary, and Post Headline

The headline is the most important part of your sales letter – if it doesn’t get attention, then your whole letter is an epic fail. Inside this module you’ll find out how to craft headlines that deliver high conversions and great results!

Day 3: Product Introduction

You just reminded your prospects of their pain in the previous step. Now in this step you’ll introduce them to the joy of the solution. They’ll find out what your product can do for them.

Day 5: Points

This is the part of your letter where you take your prospect from mildly interested to absolutely frothing-at-the-mouth and frantic to get their hands on your product!

Day 7: Promise

In this module you’ll find out how to overcome objections and boost your response rates by offering a strong guarantee.

Day 9: Postscript

The P.S. is the second-most read part of your sales letter, which makes it a key to getting the sale! That’s why you’ll want to pay close attention to this module, where you’ll find out how to create a postscript that closes the sale.

Day 2: Present the Problem

If your headline did a good job, then your prospects are going to start reading your letter. Now you need to create an opener that rocks your prospects to their core – and that’s exactly what you’ll find out how to do in this module!

Day 4: Proof

At this point you’ve made some mighty big claims in your sales letter. This is where you prove your claims, build your credibility, and really get your prospects to fall in love with your product!

Day 6: Pull

At this point you’ve whipped your prospect into a frenzy, so now it’s time to pull them to your order form. That’s what you’ll find out how to do in this module.

Day 8: Process

This is the part of your letter where you take the order. Get this part wrong, and you’ll sink your sales! This module shows you how to avoid that.

Day 10: Pulling It All Together

In this module you’ll find out how to snap into place each piece of your sales letter to create a sales machine that produces great results.

You will learn how to do all of this, plus you will:

  • Discover the three crucial components of creating your headline block. (Hint: Most people totally overlook the first component!)
  • Find out how to grab attention, arouse curiosity, and get your prospects eager to read your sales letter!
  • Discover the #1 thing you absolutely need to do to keep your prospects reading and start putting them in a buying mood!
  • Plus you’ll find out the one thing your prospects are very interested in reading – if you include this one thing, then you’re halfway to getting a sale!
  • Find out the #1 thing that gets people excited you absolutely NEED to focus on at this point if you want to make a sale!
  • Find out what one thing you can do to virtually wipe out the competition and get your prospects realizing you have the best darn solution they’ve ever laid eyes on!
  • Discover six surefire ways to provide irrefutable proof. (Hint: This is a BIG key to boosting your conversion rates!) 
  • Find out which type of proof you prospects trust the most – and if you want to make a sale, you better provide plenty of it!
  • Find out a simple method you can use to drive up your prospects interest in your product! 
  • Discover a surprising word you can drop into your copy to boost conversions like crazy!
  • Discover four amazing ways to create a sense of urgency – do this, and your prospects won’t leave your sales page unless they’re hitting your order button!
  • Get two other proven tactics you can use to get your prospects moving towards your order button faster than ever!
  • Learn which three key components your guarantee must include to be effective!
  • Find out what type of surprising guarantee not only boosts conversion rates, but also lowers refund rates!
  • Discover the secrets of creating order buttons and links that command attention and get clicks!
  • Find out which nine pieces of information you need to deliver to your prospects to build trust and secure the sale. (Most people totally overlook most of these pieces!)
  • Learn how to use a simple sales technique to point prospects towards the order button – this works in other parts of your letter, but it’s particularly powerful when you drop it into the postscript!
  • Find out five other super-effective ways to create a P.S. that pushes people straight to your order button!
  • Get a template that shows you how to quickly and easily create your own high-response sales letter!
  • Get five keys to boost your conversions and really make your sales letter shine!

End result? 

By the time you finish the daily assignments, you’ll have your own high-response sales letter in hand and you’ll be ready to take orders!

Here’s why so many others love this course, and why you will too:

  • You’ll discover a simple system you can use over and over again to create high-response sales letters!
  • You’ll get plenty of examples you can swipe and use in your copy. This makes it easier than ever to create your own sales letter!
  • No getting overwhelmed, because this course breaks down the entire process into 10 easy-to-follow steps!
  • You’ll get insight into the key order triggers that make people click your order button. These are the keys to creating high-response copy!
  • You’ll discover how to turn lukewarm prospects into cash-paying customers with benefit statements that are sure to boost desire for your offer!
  • You’ll learn the most powerful ways to close the sale with a strong call to action!
  • You’ll find out how to persuade a prospect in a way that makes them more open to suggestion when they get to the buy button!
  • You’ll discover how to use social proof to build credibility and help drop your prospect’s defenses!
  • You’ll learn what one thing you absolutely must do to overcome your prospect’s natural resistance to buying your product!
  • Plus you’ll even find out how to write in a way that makes your prospects feel like you’re reading their minds!

And so much more. Whether you’re a beginner OR you’ve written a few letters before, this course will help you create better sales copy!

Now, this course gives you the instruction you need to write a really great sales piece. But when you order now, I’m going to toss in a package of bonus tools and tips you can use to really ratchet up your response rates!

Order Now, And You Also Get These Five Bonus Tools, Tips and Tricks To Create Better Copy Faster and Easier Than Ever Before!

Bonus 1: Three Direct-Response Sales Letter Templates

Your product is done. You’ve worked out your marketing plan. Now there’s just one thing left for you to do… 

Write the sales letter. 

Except you’re exhausted. You’ve likely spent long night after long night finishing your product. And so writing a sales letter sounds like a lot of work. (It is.) And hiring someone else to write it sounds expensive. (Right again.) 

Good news – 

Now you can save yourself both time and money by using these three templates to quickly and easily create your sales letter yourself. 

All you have to do is insert information where indicated by the brackets – and boom, your letter will be finished in a matter of minutes.  Here’s what you get:

  • Template 1 works great across a wide variety of niches, especially those where your prospects have repeatedly tried and failed to get a great result. (Example: starting a business.)
  • Template 2 is a good choice when you have a product that’s designed to protect someone from getting a bad result. (Like heart disease.)
  • Template 3 works across a variety of niches, as long as you’re able to share a story about overcoming a problem.

These templates are easily worth $20 each, but they’re yours free when you purchase this CopyBox offer today!

Bonus 2: 101 Persuasion and Copywriting Tips For Boosting Sales

I sell this 26-page report elsewhere for $24, but it’s yours free when you purchase CopyBox today. You’ll get 101 tips for writing better sales copy and boosting your conversions, including:

  • 8 eyebrow-raising ways to think like your prospects – once you know how to do this, you can sell anything to anyone!
  • You’ll discover 11 ways to write better headlines that command attention and draw your prospects into your sales copy!
  • You’ll learn 10 tips for pushing your prospects’ emotional buttons. (Hint: This is a big key to making a sale!)
  • You’ll get 10 tips for crafting truly effective benefit statements that whip your prospects into a buying frenzy!
  • You’ll learn 10 ways to use proof to bolster your claims and close the sale!
  • You’ll get 10 surefire tips for creating calls to action that demand an immediate response – you’ll be amazed at how well these work!
  • Here’s something almost everyone overlooks: graphics. And this report gives you six tips for using graphics effectively to get higher response rates!
  • Your prospects are just looking for excuses to not order, which is why you’ll also discover five ways to overcome their objections and push them towards the order button!
  • You also get nine tips for formatting your copy to maximum response!
  • Finally, you’ll get 21 tips and tricks for optimizing your copy to boost conversions and sales!

If you want a high-converting sales letter, then you need to read this report! You’ll get instant access to it as soon as you place your order below.

And that’s not all. Here’s what else you get when you order now…

Bonus 3: Ten Fill-In-The-Blank Headline Templates

So you’re writing a sales letter or other advertisement. And you know that one of keys to writing a great piece of copy is to brainstorm as many headlines as possible.  

But sometimes it’s hard to get started.  Sometimes you just stare at a blank computer screen, trying to figure out how to engage your prospects. Brainstorm dozens of headlines? Heck, sometimes you can’t even write one good one! 

That’s where these templates come into play! 

Just fill in the blanks, and in minutes you’ll have ten fantastic headlines based on some of the highest-converting headlines ever used!

Bonus 4: Ten Ways to Create Urgency In Your Copy

Your prospect is interested in buying your product. Maybe his mouse is even hovering over your buy button. But then he bookmarks your page and tells himself he’ll come back and buy later. 

Except later he’s not in the buying mood any more. 

Life gets in the way. Maybe he even forgets about you and your offer completely. And you lose the sale and a customer. 

The solution? 

You need to create a sense of urgency. You need to get your prospects buying right now. And that’s exactly what you’ll find out how to do in this guide, including:

  • A simple sales model you can use that almost always creates an avalanche of sales!
  • How to use discounts to spur sales!
  • The secrets of using bonuses to push people to the order button!

And more! This guide is yours when you order the CopyBox package today.

And here’s one more bonus…

Bonus 5: StorySelling - How to Tell a Story In Your Copy

Some call it storytelling, but I call it storyselling! That’s because a good story can stir up powerful emotions and responses that work like magic to generate sales!

But here’s a big problem…

A lot of people don’t know how to tell a good story. If you do it wrong, the method backfires. Instead of getting people running for your buy button, you’ll get them hitting the back button. 

That’s why you’ll want to read this short report, which includes:

A simple three-step system for telling stories that will keep your prospects on the edge of their seats!

The #1 thing you need to do to engage your prospects and keep them reading!

How to pick the right story to get the best results!

You too can become a story-seller once you read this crash course. And best of all, you’ll get instant access to it when you place your Simple Copy System order today!

Which brings us to this question… 

How much does it cost?

  • If you hired a copywriter to craft your sales letter, you’d pay well over $1000.
  • If you purchased these pieces separately, you’d pay well over $100.

So all this probably makes you wonder how much you’ll need to cough up to get your hands on this 10-day copywriting course and five bonuses.

Relax, its surprisingly affordable.

If you order now, you’ll get instant access to everything shown on this page for just $27.

This is a killer deal. If these strategies create just one or two extra sales for you, you’ll recoup your investment fast.

But frankly, I’d be a little embarrassed if you were only able to generate one or two extra sales. And that’s why I’m offering you this money-back guarantee…


I’m so sure that you’re going to absolutely love Simple Copy System that I’m willing to put my money where my mouth is. If you order today, you get instant access to everything and a full 30 days to review all the materials. If you’re not absolutely thrilled for any reason – if this package doesn’t help you create better sales letters – then all you have to do is contact me within 30 days for a prompt and cheerful refund.

Fair enough?

You know this guide is exactly what you need to start generating more sales, so…

Get Immediate Access To
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P.S. Perhaps you're wondering, "There are a lot of sales copy courses out there, why should I buy THIS one?" Here is the short answer: this is THE "best bang for the buck." I've never come across a course in this price range at this high quality. Courses nowhere near the quality of this one are sold for 5X more ... this is easily worth $97. Easily. PLUS, this is SIMPLE to follow. Easy assignments. Lots of examples. Step-by-step.