"Who else want a map to the treasure that lays hidden in your business"

Most info product creators and marketers have no idea how to unlock the profits in the six key areas of their business. Which of these key areas are you overlooking?

Dear Business Builder,

Think of every pirate movie you’ve ever seen.

There’s always a treasure map, right?

And there’s always someone trying to get their hands on that treasure map.

You know why?

Because it would be totally insane to grab a shovel and just start digging up a large deserted island. You wouldn’t know where to dig. You wouldn’t know how far down to dig. You wouldn’t even know for sure if there was a treasure buried anywhere on the island if you didn’t have a map.

Now here’s the thing…

Trying to Run a Successful Business Without a Map Is Just As Insane As Trying To Find Buried Treasure Without a Map

And a set of profitable business maps is exactly what I’d like to offer you today…

These are actionable guides you can use to uncover the treasure buried in six key areas of your business. 

These six key areas include:


Now let me be clear about what these guides are, and what they are not…

These aren’t complete, in-depth instructional manuals for those six key business areas. Because you know what? You already know the basics. You already have a good idea of what to do. It’s just that you’re not getting the results you want.

Do any of these sound familiar?

  • You want more traffic.

  • You want a bigger list.

  • You want bestselling products.

  • You want more growth.

  • You want to create content faster, easier and better.

  • And you want to do all of this while working fewer hours.

That’s what these guides will show you how to do. In each guide I’ve condensed an overall strategy into a workable, proven action plan that makes money. These are guides that you’ll refer to over and over again to uncover the profits in the six key areas of your business.

Here are five good reason why every information product creator and marketer will want to get their hands on these profitable business guides:

  • SIMPLIFIED: These are simplified workable action plans to make money. No complex plans to slog through, no convoluted strategies that require a Mensa-level IQ to figure out. Just simple plans that anyone can put to work to make money!
  • SUITABLE: These guides are suitable for any level. Beginners will love ‘em because these guides lay out an action plan for running a successful business. Veterans will love the way these guides streamline their business!
  • SOLVE: Each guide solves a specific problem in each of the six key areas of your business. End result? You’ll improve your traffic, list, products, growth, content and productivity
  • SPECIALIZED: These guides are created specifically for information marketers who want to grow their business without getting overwhelmed and frustrated.
  • STIMULATE: Each of these six guides is designed to stimulate a specific area of your business. Together, these guides are the keys to growing a thriving, successful business!

Intrigued? Now let’s take a look at what you get in each of these Money Action Plans…

The 1-2-3 List-Building Guide

Most people know the basic steps of building a list. But very few know how to take these steps in a way that produces great results. That’s what this guide does for you.

Inside this eye-opening guide you’ll discover the three-step process for building a big, responsive list, including:

  • Creating an irresistible lead magnet that attract prospects AND generates sales on the backend.  This is your key to both list growth and profits!
  • Capturing the opt-in, which is all about creating a high-response lead page. This is one of the keys to building a big list!
  • Choosing a targeted traffic source and getting as many eager prospects in front of your lead page as possible. You’ll learn about 13 good ways to drive traffic to your lead page!

The Website Traffic Master Guide

how to generate traffic

If you want to make a lot of money with your online business, then you’re going to have to learn how to generate a lot of traffic.

But you know what? Most marketers and small business owners do this all wrong. They spread their efforts too thin. End result? A whole lot of nothing.

That’s why this guide shows you how to:

  • Choose a powerful source for high-quality traffic.
  • Master that traffic source to get amazing results.
  • Rinse and repeat until you get all the traffic you want.

The Simple Six-Figures Guide

A business is a complex machine with a lot of moving parts. It can be overwhelming to try to put those pieces and parts together… especially if you don’t have a good blueprint.

That’s where this guide comes in. You’ll discover a simple way to create a six-figure business, starting with these three easy steps:

  • Build an audience of targeted prospects who are extremely eager to buy what you’re selling!
  • Build a relationship with this audience, which means through-the-roof conversion rates that will surprise both you and your competitors!
  • Build a sales machine to deliver high-quality offers in front of this responsive audience. This is the key to turning browsers into buyers, and buyers into repeat customers!

The Content Into Cash Guide

a six-part formula for creating effective content

You don’t create and distribute content online just to fill up space and use up some bandwidth. Instead, you use content to achieve a very specific purpose. And most of the time, you use that content to generate sales.

And that’s exactly what this guide is all about. Inside you’ll discover a six-part proven formula for:

  • Quickly and easily creating effective content – create it once and get results for weeks, months or years to come!
  • Attracting more leads with your content!
  • Closing more sales with every piece of content you publish!

The Hands-Free Outsourcing Guide

One of the best things you can do for your business is to learn how to make it as hands-free as possible. And one great step towards a hands-free business is learning how to outsource.

Now if you’ve never done this before, you might be scratching your head. How do you even figure out what to outsource? And how on earth do you find a good freelancer who won’t send up the creek without a paddle?

That’s what this eye-opening guide is about. You’ll discover a simple process for:

  • Determining your needs so that you can maximize your ROI and profits!
  • Locating and hiring the best freelancers for your particular job – don’t settle for anything less!
  • Managing your projects so you can get the best results in the least amount of time!

End result? You’ll uncover more profits in your business without having to do the work yourself! And that’s priceless…

The 24-Hour Product Creation Guide

Creating a profitable product doesn’t need to take long. Even if you don’t have a lick of experience, you only need to do about 24 hours’ worth of work to go from brainstorming an idea to a creating an in-demand slide-share video and manuscript. And as you gain experience, you’ll be able to step through this process even faster!

Question is, what exactly should you do during each of those 24 hours?

The answer to that million-dollar question lies inside this guide. You’ll get an exact step-by-step blueprint that will walk you through each hour and each step you need to complete to go from product idea to product completion.

Your products are the heart of your business profits, and this guide shows you how to create more products more quickly so you can generate more profits!

These Guides Are Approximately 3,000 Words Each (10 Pages) Giving You Over 60 Pages Of Highly-Detailed Content For Building Your Business!

I’m betting you like what you see so far with these six profitable guides Now let me sweeten the pot even more…

You Also Get a Cheat Sheet To Go Along With
Each Of These Six Profitable Business Guides!

These cheat sheets condense each guide into its most important points, tips and steps. That means you can remind yourself of what to do next just by glancing at these cheat sheets.

The best part about these cheat sheets is that you can print them off so this handy resource is always at your fingertips. Hang it up in your office, where you’re sure to refer to them again and again!

Here is what they look like…

Now as you can see, these guides are exactly what you need to guide you from where you are today to where you want to be profit-wise. These are the same guides I use every day to run my extremely successful business… so just imagine what they can do for you!

But at this point I’m guessing you have one question that’s niggling you…

How Much Does It Cost?

This is the part where I put a big smile on your face…

If you act now, you can get the entire set of six profitable business guides and the bonus cheat sheets for just $19.97. That’s about $3.33 per guide.

Think about it for a moment…

That’s an absolute steal.

These really are like treasure maps for your business. If each guide puts just five bucks in your pocket, you’ve already recouped your investment.

But you know what?

I’d be really embarrassed if you only made $5 with each of these six guides. After all, these are the same “operations guides” I’ve used over the past 15 years to drop multiple millions of dollars into my bank account.

Just imagine what they’ll do for you!

Of course I can’t promise that you’ll make that much money using my guides. In fact, I can’t make any income promises at all, because I don’t know anything about your business or work ethic or countless other details about you and your situation.

But what I can promise you is this:

Your Satisfaction is 100% Guaranteed

If you’re not absolutely thrilled with these six business guides for any reason, simply contact me within 30 days for a prompt and cheerful refund. No quibbles, no hoops to jump through, no conditions.

Fair enough?

Then there’s just one thing left for you to do…

Order Now Below

Act now and you get the six business guides plus printable cheat sheets for just $19.97. I can’t promise this amazing offer will last forever, so order now to lock in your low price:

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P.S. You wouldn’t look for buried pirate treasure without a map. So don’t even think of trying to run a successful business without these profitable business guides. Order now to start seeing growth in your business too!