Imagine Getting Paid Month After Month To Help Others!

A Membership Site Can Be The Financial Foundation For Building The Life You Want To Live!

Learn How To Create Recurring Monthly Income That Allows You To Better Enjoy Your Life While You Help Other People Better Enjoy Their Lives Too.

Every day people all over the world are starting membership sites … and six months from now many of them will be shut down without ever reaching the desired level of success. 

Read on to learn how you can see a different result…

Have you crunched the numbers for a membership site?

It’s pretty staggering. These are the kind of numbers that can really help you create the kind of life that you want to live…

For example: if you charge $19.99 per month and get just 500 members paying you every month, then you’ll be grossing $120,000 per year.

Maybe you’ve got a premium membership site idea in mind. Charge $97 per month and get just 100 members, and you’ve still got a six-figure business. Get more members, make more money. (Go ahead, crunch the numbers – I’ll wait.)

Of course, none of this counts the money you’ll make on the backend of your membership site. Many would agree that’s where you’ll generate the REAL profits in your business.

For example, you might double your income on the backend.

That’s the first compelling reason why you should create a membership site. 


The opportunity to be financially free so you can spend your time doing the things that matter most to you.

But that’s not all.

Your own membership site gives you the platform to make a real difference in the lives of other people.  That’s the second compelling reason:


Your membership site can help others solve problems, reach goals and better enjoy THEIR lives too.

Having that regular, recurring, monthly income pouring in while simultaneously having that ongoing positive impact on other people makes membership sites a foundation that you need to build your business upon.

It sounds almost too good to be true, right?

And yet look around, and you’ll see people who are doing this VERY successfully. Very profitably. Very powerfully. And their incomes and impact are growing every year.

Could you do it too?

The answer is yes – especially if you use the exact same strategies that most successful membership owners use to build their sites and turn a profit from them as they help their members in varying ways.

Membership Site Secrets

How To Create A $100,000 Per Year Membership Site

The Membership Site Secrets course is a no-fluff, quick-read curriculum that walks you through ten lessons for selecting the right membership model to meet your needs, creating the kind of content that satisfies customers and keeps them active month after month, and making even more money on the backend by promoting additional products and services.

When you download the Membership Site Secrets course below, you will…

  • Learn exactly what steps you can take right now to turn more of your hard-earned traffic into cash-paying customers.
  • Get dozens of examples of the critical parts so you can understand how to put them to work in your own business to see real results.
  • Complete actual “assignments” to immediately make progress as you identify and fix the conversion problems on your site.

As you work your way through the Membership Site Secrets curriculum, you will learn about the ingredients you need to quickly set up a membership site (including the 7 best user-friendly plugins and platforms), how to create high-quality membership site content that solves problems and satisfies members, clever ways to retain members who are thinking about dropping out, and much more… see below for complete details...

By using the insights in the Membership Site Secrets course, you can make more money with your membership site while helping other people solve their problems, reach their goals and better enjoy their hobbies and interests.  A membership site can change your life and the lives of your members.

When you make money helping other people… everybody wins!

Now listen up…

No one can guarantee that you’ll be able to start and run a six-figure membership site. And I don’t guarantee that either. In fact, I don’t guarantee you will make a penny.

But I can guarantee you this…

If you do NOT use the strategies outlined inside this course, then your membership site will almost certainly never hit the $100,000 mark.

I can also guarantee you this…

I know what I’m talking about when it comes to creating successful membership sites that earn six-figures per year.

Now, maybe you can figure these strategies all out on your own. Or maybe you’ll shut the site down like so many others before you figure these strategies out. Or maybe you just download this course instead, avoid the struggles, and shortcut your way to success.

Still reading? Good. You’ve made a smart decision.

So, come along now as I show you what all you’re going to learn about inside this course…

Here's what you'll be learning in the course:

Module 1

How To Make $100,000 Per Year With A Membership Site

For this lesson, we’re going to start out by walking you through an overview of the five essential components of starting a membership site. These components include:

  • Market Criteria
  • Model Choice
  • Metrics Calculation
  • Member Content
  • Monthly Calendar

Many membership site owners only put three or four of these components into play – and that translates into unrealized potential (and, sadly, sometimes it even leads to shutting down the site). That’s why this course is going to be such a big help to you as you avoid common mistakes and overlooked essentials.

Module 2

The 4-Part System For Creating A Unique Membership That Stands Out

If you create a membership site like everyone else who doesn’t know what they’re doing, then you’re going to find it difficult to see sustained success.   That’s why inside this lesson we’ll cover the four crucial steps you need to take before you set up a site, including:

  • Choosing a profitable market
  • Selecting an in-demand topic
  • Creating a unique angle that sets you apart from your competitors
  • Choosing a memorable brand name that attracts lots of members

End result? You’ll have a solid foundation upon which to build a profitable membership that impacts others in a positive way.

Module 3

The 5 Best Models For Faster, Easier And Better Memberships 

Inside this lesson you’re going examine your business goals and your membership site topic in order to decide the best membership model to fit your needs.  There are many different options for structuring your membership site … some will work great for you, and some will not.  It’s important to find that model that is “just right” for you.

Example:  Do you want something that is “set it and forget it” in nature because you’ve already got a lot of commitments or want to free up more time for personal pursuits? Or do you want something that you are more directly involved in every month because this is your primary source of income and you have plenty of time to devote to it?  This is just one of the considerations.  

Picking the right model is critical.  Choose wisely, and you’ll have a membership site that supports you for years to come.  This lesson will help guide you through the selection decision.

Module 4

Perfectly Profitable Pricing – How To Nail Down Your Monthly Fee Structure

The next component of setting up your membership site is to do your Metrics Calculation. This is where you crunch a few numbers in order to figure out how much you’ll charge your members in order to make your desired income.

It cannot be overstated how important it is to get this right.  There is much riding on this including how many members join your site, how many remain active, how much actual profit you make and so forth.  This isn’t the time to be “winging it“.

Don’t skip this important planning step, or you’re likely to fall far short of your income goals.

Module 5

12 Ideas For Monthly Deliverables That Customers Will Anticipate And Love

You’ve been planning your membership site, including your niche, the topic you’ll be focusing on, and even how much you intend to charge for access. Now here’s the next question: in what format will you be delivering your content?

You can deliver your content from something as simple as autoresponder email messages to something elaborate as video courses and virtual office hours.  What format will you choose? This lesson helps answer that question by giving you 12 ideas for monthly deliverables that your customers are sure to love!

Module 6

How To Manage Your Membership Processes Every Month 

We’ve now reached the fifth component you need to snap into place to run your membership site, which is your Monthly Calendar. Here we’ll talk about the three things you need to do every month, including:

  • Sourcing, which is where you create the content for your membership site.
  • Sale, which are the marketing activities you need to complete to get more members.
  • Support, which is servicing and satisfying existing customers (which helps with retention and backend sales).

Here you’ll learn the steps you need to take in each of these areas every month to create a successful site.  This is where your monthly operations begin to take shape and come to life.

Module 7

The Top 7 Plugins And Platforms For Super-Simple 
Site Setup

If you’re not particularly technically inclined, then maybe the thought of setting up and maintaining a membership site might give you that feeling of dread.

Now here’s the good news: there are plenty of plugins and platforms that make it super simple to set up and maintain your site. And inside this lesson you’ll get my top seven recommendations.

Rather than spend hours of your time watching video reviews and reading blog reviews (where many reviewers have a financial stake in convincing you that a certain platform is best), hit the “fast forward” button and let me give you an unbiased look at some great options for you to choose from.

Module 8

The Profit Trifecta: 3 Keys To Maximizing
Membership Profitability

So, imagine this…

Your site is up and running. (Yay!) You’ve got a set of initial members. (Woot!) You’re making some money. (Yahoo!)

Now what?

What happens next is that you need to maximize your membership profitability. And that’s exactly what you’ll learn how to do inside this lesson.

Module 9

Retention Secrets:  5 Ways To Keep Members Active Month After Month


Keeping your existing members happy and active month after month is the key to a profitable membership site. Not only do these existing members keep paying their membership fees every month, but they also put even more profit in your pocket by taking advantage of your backend offers.

And, of course, this is the pathway to the greatest impact of your membership onto the lives of members.  The longer they remain active, the longer you have the opportunity to help them better their lives through your content.  It’s in your best interest, and theirs too, that they stay!

That’s why you’ll want to check out this lesson, where you’ll discover five surefire ways to keep members active, satisfied, and happily paying their membership fees month after month.

Module 10

Five Ways To Rapidly Get New Paying Members
For Your Site

You want to start your new site off with a bang, right?  That’s why inside this lesson you’re going to find out five tricks of the trade for rapidly getting new paying members for your site.

Whether you have an existing customer base or list to promote your membership site to, have a budget to advertise your membership site, or intend to harness the power of affiliates and marketing partners to promote it for you, the strategies in this lesson are certain to get more members to join.

These are time-tested, proven-effective ways that successful membership site owners around the world use to get more brand-new paying members.  Now you can too.

As you can see, this is a short course that is jam-packed with meaty content you can use to get more people to buy from you.

This is a premium, actionable course and each lesson is filled with “no-fluff, no-filler” content that shares what you need to know in an “easy-to-understand, easy-to-use style“.  I’ll even let you download one of the lessons to “test drive” the content…

Many people start membership sites every day. Many of them fail within the first six months because they’re trying to figure it all out on their own. The good news is:  there is nothing left for you to figure out by yourself. You can download this course now and take a very quick and profitable shortcut to membership site success.

Bottom line…

we’ve packed a whole lot of profitable information into this exciting course that’s designed to help you get a successful membership site up and running.

And you can certainly see the value of a course that teaches you how to start a profitable membership site. So now you’re wondering…

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Sure, if this course helps you create a “one-member” membership site, it would pay for itself over and over again as the customer remains active.

But we both know that’s not the goal here.  That’s not my goal and I know it’s not your goal. The goal here is to…

Teach you how to create a membership site that automatically brings in a steady stream of income for your business month after month.

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