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get free traffic from other people

15 Ways to Ethically “Steal” Traffic From Other People

If there’s one thing every website owner wants, it’s more traffic. The good news is that you don’t need to produce it out of thin air. If you want a lot of highly targeted traffic, one of the easiest ways to get it is by “borrowing” it from other people. Sound sneaky? It’s NOT. And […]

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how to create an amazing content outline

4 Steps to Create a Great Outline for Great Content

One of the keys to creating a great piece of writing is to start by creating a great outline. And yet many writers completely overlook this step, particularly when they’re writing short pieces like articles and reports. However, creating a good outline ensures you focus your writing on the most important topics, which makes the […]

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how to create amazing blog posts

How to Write a Really Great and Engaging BLOG Post

You’ve heard the typical advice for writing a blog post or an article, right? It goes a little something like this… Write an introduction that tells readers what they’re going to learn. Use the main post to deliver on the promises you made in the introduction. Create a conclusion that reminds people of what they […]

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