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5 Quick Ways to Supercharge Your Affiliate Commissions

how to boost your affiliate commissions

Plenty of affiliate marketers – and that includes your competition – simply direct their traffic to the vendor’s sales page and hope for the best. If you do the same thing, you might pick up a sale or two through sheer luck. But you’ll make many MORE sales and enjoy BIGGER commission checks if you […]


How To Write a Compelling Product Review

how to write a compelling product review

If you’ve built a good relationship with your blog readers or newsletter subscribers, then a product review is one of your best sales tools. And that’s because – A product review sells the product without you having to make a direct pitch. It’s a way to sell to people without having people get the feeling […]


How to Earn Money Piggybacking On a Big Product Launch

earn money with launch jacking

If you’re an affiliate, then you’re competing with dozens, hundreds or even thousands of other affiliates to sell the exact same product. The competition is even more stiff when a new product is launching. Seems like everyone and their brother is clamoring to slice off a piece of the profit pie. It’s really easy for […]


How to SELL More of Any Affiliate Offer

get more sales from affiliate offers

A lot of affiliates find a product they want to sell and then blast out one or two email messages about it, blog about it, and post on Facebook. Then they move onto the next product and do the same thing. You know what? That strategy may pull in a few sales, but you’re not […]